Brugger & Nowak at the medical check-up

Brugger & Nowak at the medical check-up

Top decathlete Mathias Brugger and Tim Nowak got the medical check with physiotherapist Heiko Kleemann from our sports physician Dr. Alexander Rauch.

As a member of the medical care team of the German decathlon and with more than 20 years of experience Heiko Kleemann knows:
“A competent accompaniment by a physician and physiotherapist is the prerequisite for the long-term performance development of a talented athlete”.

As a result, top athletes Brugger (decathlon fifth, 8,060 points) and Nowak (decathlon third, 8,209 points) underwent a sports medical examination by Dr. Rauch. The aim of the medical check-up is an individually prepared therapy plan with corresponding medical evaluations, medical advice and physiotherapeutic measures in order to meet national and international challenges in the future and to continue to achieve excellent competitive performance.

As a former competitive athlete, Dr. Rauch has the necessary know-how to set the medical course for the athletes. This ensures that our decathletes will also be able to withstand the physical strain of the competitions in the future.

For the competition year 2019 we wish Mathias Brugger and Tim Nowak continued success!

Image from left to right: Dr. Alexander Rauch, Mathias Brugger, Tim Nowak, Heiko Kleemann