Knee Rehab: New paths to rapid recovery

Knee Rehab: New paths to rapid recovery

A quick return to vitality after sporting injuries or operations: The exchange of information and experience helps uncover new treatment methods in the field of knee-rehabilitation after cruciate ligament ruptures, meniscus injuries or cartilage damage.

Newest findings and insights in the treatment of knee injuries focus on holistic treatment, in which interdependencies are recognized and synergies utilized. The knee specialists at ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine have followed this principle for years. A closely interlinked combination of treatment possibilities including conservative therapy, surgery and rehabilitation quickly helps not only professional athletes regain mobility and return to optimal performance levels.


Interdisciplinary Conference for Knee Rehabilitation

On Friday, the 12th of May 2017, the knee specialists at ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine shared information about new methods and possibilities for rehabilitation after trauma, surgery or degenerative illness with colleagues and experts. Focus was placed on knee-rehabilitation, broken down into the following 5 categories:

  • Conservative rehabilitation after cruciate ligament or meniscus injuries
  • Post-operative rehabilitation after cruciate ligament  or meniscus surgery
  • Conservative rehabilitation after diagnosed knee joint disease (Knee arthrosis)
  • Post-operative rehabilitation after chondro-stimulating or regenerative surgery to the knee joint
  • Post-operative rehabilitation after prosthetics implantation


Individual physical and training therapy

Targeted rehabilitation measures, including physical and training therapy, facilitate and optimize the healing process after knee injuries and/or surgical procedures. A fundamental principle: every knee joint is different. In our eyes, standard solutions are not an option. To this end, the knee experts at ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine develop individual and personalized rehabilitation programs which support the healing and regeneration process, in close collaboration with specially-trained physical therapists and training therapists.

Initially, physical therapists work to restore mobility and load-bearing capacity. Subsequently, training therapists optimize stability and mobility. Once you feel as fit and performant as you did before your injury or surgery, your final goal for knee rehabilitation has been achieved.


Further information and contact data for knee rehabilitation

Our knee experts, Dr. Erich Rembeck and Dr. Alexander Rauch, would be happy to answer your questions to knee rehabilitation personally. Please make an appointment. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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