New Treatment Method with Stem Cell Therapy

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Scientific expertise, clinical research, and the systematic use of the latest technologies for your recovery.
The Center for Regenerative Medicine at the ISAR Clinic offers you new treatments using the body’s own resources.
Regenerative medicine covers a modern field of biomedicine which treats diseases using the body’s own resources. Part of regenerative medicine is what is known as stem cell therapy, which has been used for more than 40 years in the treatment of leukemia, for example. Stem cells form our body’s reserve army. It replaces damaged and decayed cells and promotes healing using the body’s own resources.
What are known as adult regenerative cells are used at the Center for Regenerative Medicine, which was recently set up by Professor Dr. Eckhard Alt. No embryonic cells are used. Regenerative cells exist in the tissue of every human being. In the past, they were often obtained from bone marrow. The most well-known form of therapy using adult stem cells is bone barrow transplantation used in the treatment of leukemia.
However, this method is extremely complex and involves considerable risk for the donor when the cells are removed. In addition, the number of regenerative cells recovered in this way is limited. This is why stem cells are often reproduced in the laboratory using a complex process. Since the probability of producing an error rises with each reproduction cycle, the proliferation of stem cell cultures can only be used to a limited extent.
After more than 10 years of research on regenerative cells, it was found that they are also present in large numbers in fat tissue. Due to the large number of regenerative cells in fat tissue, there is no need to cultivate cells in the laboratory to achieve therapeutic effectiveness. In addition, the patient receives only his or her own cells which are not attacked by the body’s own immune system. This requires no immune suppression as is the case with donor cells. Our method is therefore very gentle on the patient. The benefits resulting from regenerative medicine are multi-faceted and open up new therapeutic possibilities for many diseases.
Modern medicine is therefore hailing stem cells as true all-rounders. Scientific studies performed by Professor Dr. Eckhard Alt have shown that stem cells can be regenerated for bone, cartilage, skin, and much more. This is a finding that opens up the door to new possibilities in regenerative medicine as well as in the treatment of pain, e.g. for diseases of the spine.
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Dr. C. Alt, Prof. Dr. P. Schöttle, PD Dr. R. Rothörl, C. Kinshofer, Prof. Dr. E. Alt, Dr. E. Rembeck,
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