Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer at the expert meeting

Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer at the expert meeting

On 13 April 2019, the 9th M.O.R.E. International Symposium took place in Lugano, Switzerland. Worldwide knee specialists were invited to an expert meeting on the further development of modern surgical techniques in knee endoprosthetics.

As an internationally recognized knee expert, Prof. Dr. Hans Gollwitzer was invited at the symposium to pass on his medical expertise in the field of so-called “kinematic alignment” in knee endoprosthetics. More than 15 years ago, a surgical technique was developed in the USA which makes it possible very precisely to reconstruct the knee joint anatomy individually as it was before arthrosis. This technique is called “kinematic alignment” (of kinematics = movement, alignment = alignment).

In kinematic alignment, the artificial knee joint is individually inserted according to the natural anatomy of the patient, resulting in faster mobilization and better results. By respecting the natural ligament tension, the ligaments of the knee joint do not need to be stretched, loosened or lengthened, resulting in less bleeding during surgery. Biomechanical studies also confirm that joint pressure decreases, which has a positive effect on the load on the artificial knee joint.

Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer and PD Dr. Weber have been successfully performing the implantation of knee prostheses after kinematic alignment for years. Our positive experiences with this modern surgical technique coincide with the excellent results of the clinical studies. And last but not least, our patients benefit from faster recovery, less surgical trauma and a knee joint replacement that feels more natural in many cases.

Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer and PD Dr. Weber will be happy to answer all your questions about knee replacement personally. Simply make an appointment under 089/92 333 94-112.

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