Skiklinik Opening at ATOS Clinic Munich

Skiklinik Opening at ATOS Clinic Munich

Our partner Christa Kinshofer Skiklinik opens its doors again at ATOS Clinic Munich and bundles core competences for injuries in winter sports.

Injuries on the knee and shoulder are the most common injuries during winter sports. Dr. Erich Rembeck and Dr. Alexander Rauch, experts in orthopedics, accident surgery and sports orthopedics with a focus on knee injuries at the Christa Kinshofer ski clinic are looking forward to working closely with Prof. Peter Habermeyer and Prof. Mark Tauber of the German shoulder center in ATOS Klinik München. The experience of the past has confirmed the good cooperation of the specialists. The concentration of the individual core competencies is the logical continuation of the cooperation between Christa Kinshofer Skiklinik and ATOS Klinik München.

Due to the high degree of specialization of the Christa Kinshofer ski clinic in the ATOS Klinik München, patients with winter sport injuries will be treated even more individually and at the highest level in the future. The goal is to bring skiers after injuries not only back to the legs, but back to the slopes.

The ATOS Clinic Munich unites the most important medical specialties and medical practices under one roof – from emergency care to MRT to ultra-modern operation rooms. This allows short paths, quick polling, and gives doctors and nursing staff more time to patient care. Especially in the professional treatment of sports injuries a seamless interplay between the various disciplines is necessary.

Therefore, the technical equipment of the ATOS Klinik München and the specially trained doctors fit the claim of the Christa Kinshofer skiklinik to treat every injured skier as if he were a professional sportsman. If necessary, the entire team of orthopedic surgeons, accident surgeons and specialized nurses will also be involved – with many years of experience, consistent focus and passion for science and research.

Contact with ski accident / snowboarding
Hotline: 0176 2000 2000
(Monday to Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm)

Outside of hotline times messages can be left on the mailbox.

Primary care and diagnostics
The primary medical care and diagnostics are usually held during the week in the community practice Dr. Erich Rembeck, Dr. Alexander Rauch at ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine at Arabellastraße 17, 81925 Munich.

At the weekend, the first-aid and diagnostics are held at the ATOS Klinik München, Effnerstraße 38, 81925 Munich.

The Christa Kinshofer Ski Clinic in all cases requests a previous telephone appointment agreement.