Cortisone-Free Spinal Therapy

Cortisone-Free Spinal Therapy

If back pain occurs, movement is restricted or other symptoms manifest, prompt spinal therapy is advisable. Spinal surgery is necessary only in the rarest of cases. In many instances, we can successfully treat chronic and acute injuries to the musculoskeletal system with conservative methods. Cortisone-free spinal therapy using autologous blood (Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP), which enhances the body’s own healing and regeneration processes as well as decreasing pain levels and increasing mobility, plays a significant role. This is one reason why PRP therapy is not only used to assist professional athletes in healing rapidly, but is now also implemented as an innovative therapy to combat osteoarthritis, chronic lower back pain, disc degeneration and joint instability.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) mit Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a non-invasive form of treatment which alleviates pain as well as providing the benefits of a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. PRP is obtained from autologous blood, which is removed from a vein and then processed for subsequent patient treatment. During this process, the blood sample is broken down into its individual components with the help of a specialized centrifuge. These individual components are erythrocytes, platelet-poor plasma (PPP) and platelet-rich plasma. The platelet-rich plasma used to treat pain and discomfort has very high levels of growth-promoting and anti-inflammatory elements. Due to this dual functionality, PRP has a twofold effect:

  1. It alleviates existing infections and therefore produces results similar to those of cortisone – without any side effects.
  2. It promotes tissue healing and regeneration, whereby damaged joints and tissue structures can be rebuilt and repaired.

PRP and ACP Success Stories

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) is one of the most modern and effective treatments to combat pain and musculoskeletal disorders. The method became particularly well-known through its popularity in the field of professional athletics, in which numerous injured athletes rapidly returned to their usual performance level after a PRP treatment – without the use of steroids or other potentially harmful substances. ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine implements these breakthroughs to also benefit non-professional athletes in the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders.


Treating Spinal Disorders with PRP and ACP

Everyone has a weak spot – for around 80% of the general population, this is the back and/or spine. Reasons are varied, ranging from herniated discs to degenerative changes in the vertebral joints. Not everyone experiences pain immediately. In many cases, pain is first felt at a later stage and is caused by the inflammation of pinched nerves or affected vertebral joints. When chronic back pain occurs, the nerve or the affected vertebral joint continually remains inflamed and/or infected.

Recognized anti-inflammatories are implemented to relieve back pain. However, the fact that regular ingestion of anti-inflammatories substances frequently causes damage to the liver, kidneys and digestive system, resulting in new problems, is rarely taken into consideration. Anti-inflammatory cortisone injections are associated with other side effects and should therefore be administered no more than 3 times per year.

Treatment with PRP offers a new, innovative approach, because PRP demonstrates the benefits of cortisone’s anti-inflammatory properties without the disadvantages of the side effects attributed to previous forms of therapy.

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