Dr. Erich Rembeck is Once Again a „Lion“

Dr. Erich H. Rembeck Medizinische Betreuung TSV1860

As of now Dr. Erich H. Rembeck, together with Uwe Veronik, organizes and coordinates the medical care of the TSV1860 Lions.  The “Blue“, at least in the level of medicinal assistance, is first leauge ready.

Dr. Rembeck has previously cared for the athletes from 1989 to 2007, including the streak of their athletic success. The primary care on the sidelines will be Dr. Willi Widenmayer Rembecks and colleague Dr. Christian Mathonia.

“We want to ensure, through prevention, rehabilitation and optimization of medical care that there are the fewest possible injuries and keep downtime as short as possible,” said sporting director Gerhard Poschner – the new obligations in the Grünwalder street.