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Sports Orthopedics in Munich: ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine

Beyond the question of a doubt: physical activity is healthy. Regular exercise increases well-being and strengthens the body. Nonetheless, taking part in sporting activities may lead to injuries and damage caused by overburdening and undue stress. The treatment of acute sports injuries and specific problems experienced by athletes is one of the focal areas of the comprehensive treatment portfolio at the ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine.

With more than 25 years of experience in the treatment and care of national and international top athletes, we stand for cutting-edge medical treatment with which we help hobby, recreational, and professional athletes. Always with the goal of making rapid recovery possible and retaining athletic ability.

Treatment methods at ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine

Expedient, targeted treatment after a sports injury is recommended in order to ensure quick recovery and the restoration of athletic ability. A surgical procedure is not always required. In many cases, sporting injuries can be treated successfully using conservative methods. If a surgical procedure is necessary, the experts at ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine execute these operations drawing upon a wealth of experience and using the most modern of medical techniques in combination with minimally-invasive methods, resulting in a reduction of stress and the rapid return to daily doing and athletic ability.

Regardless of whether conservative or surgical treatment is chosen after a sports injury: significant components of treatment are targeted and professional rehabilitation and/or physical therapy.  At the ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine, this takes place with the benefit of a continual dialogue between physicians and therapists and is comprised of individual training and activity plans which provide optimal support for recovery after a sports injury.


The knee joint is the largest joint in the human body, acting as the flexible connection between the femur and the tibia (upper thigh and lower leg). In athletics, the knee joints are exposed to extreme stress and gravitational or directional force on a daily basis. It is therefore not surprising that treatments for knee injuries are among the most common requests within the field of sports orthopedics. Principally responsible for knee injuries during athletic activity are meniscus and cross-band ruptures, often experienced when playing soccer or skiing.


Shoulder discomfort and pain are widespread. The shoulder joint itself is not always the source of the problem. Surrounding soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments may also be affected. Quite often a specific brand of muscles, known as the rotator cuff, is affected. But capsule injuries, wear and tear on the joints, and joint dislocation may result from of sports injuries.


Ligaments are vital for the stability and mobility of the joint itself. During physical activity, ligament injuries are often experienced in the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and shoulders. One of the leading causes for ligament injuries is a sudden, violent movement of the joint. Depending on the intensity of this movement, ligament hyperextension, ligament ruptures, or ligament sprains (distortion) may occur.


Tendon injuries during physical activity often occur due to improper stress to or overburdening of the joints. The most significant of these injuries is the tendon fiber rupture, but other forms of tendon injuries may also occur. Tendon ruptures may also affect the hamstring or Achilles tendon, the biceps tendon or the patella tendon. These types of injuries cause intense pain and pronounced limitation of mobility.


The relevance of muscle injuries is often underestimated. Quite often, an untreated but relatively harmless muscle injury can develop into a major injury, bringing with it severely limited mobility of movement and in some cases leading to long breaks in training and/or participation in athletic competitions, or long-term damage. Commonly occurring muscle injuries are contusions, pulled muscles, muscle fiber ruptures and the rupture of the muscle itself.


Joints are the flexible connections between two bones. They are composed of an articular head and an articular cavity (or socket) and are covered with a layer of cartilage for protection. Incorrect movement patterns and/or overburdening during physical activity can lead to wear and tear on the joints (arthrosis). The progression of joint diseases is often a lengthy process which can be successfully treated with the use of modern therapeutic methods.

Fast Track Recovery

As experts in the treatment of sports injuries, we fully realize how injuries can affect the daily quality of life. As such, our main priority after a sports injury is the rapid restoration of mobility and a return to accustomed to daily doing and physical activity.

Professional, targeted diagnostics at the onset of treatment provide important information, enabling the implementation of individually-tailored therapy forms. The level of experience and diagnostic options that the attending physician has at their disposal are vital prerequisites for successful treatment.

The experts for sports orthopedics in Munich at the ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine initiate the targeted implementation of all relevant diagnostic processes and subsequently develop an individually-tailored treatment and therapeutic concept. Everything is done under one roof, without unnecessary waiting times, and in the relaxed ambience of a private treatment facility.

Personal and expedient treatment

Our main focus lies with our patients. The main goal of the specialists for sports orthopedics in Munich at ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine is continual accompaniment and care from the time of the injury until recovery has been achieved – including any and all important steps and aspects of treatment.

Beginning with targeted diagnostics, continuing with conservative or surgical methods of treatment, up to and including subsequent rehabilitation. Everything under one roof, without unnecessary waiting times, in the relaxed atmosphere of a private treatment facility.

We do this to ensure your rapid recovery and a quick return to your accustomed daily doing and athletic ability.

Consultation and contact data for questions about sports injuries

Do you have any questions regarding the sports orthopedics treatment portfolio at ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine? Our experts, Dr. Erich Rembeck and Dr. Alexander Rauch, will be happy to provide you with more information in an individual and personal appointment. Please make an appointment here. We are looking forward to seeing you.