Rehabilitation München: ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine

Targeted and individualized treatment methods, rehabilitation and training therapy are part of our holistic treatment approach, in particular after sports injuries and surgical procedures (for example, after a meniscus operation, a cruciate ligament rupture, a rupture of the Achilles tendon, a fracture, or the introduction of an artificial joint). For this reason, we do not simply discharge you from our treatment facilities with a prescription for physical therapy and training, but instead provide step-by-step support during your physical therapy and recovery.

Working with a selection of cooperation partners located in our near vicinity has proven to be the most efficient method, as shorter routes make a close collaboration between your attending physicians and physical therapists possible. We work in tandem with diverse rehabilitation centers, among others with ECOS Reha, located within our own facilities. Together with AlterG, ECOS Reha is the only outpatient rehabilitation center offering gravity-free physical therapy in Munich, making an exceptionally early implementation of rehabilitation measures possible. One further advantage: functional trainers from Keiser. This state-of-the-art technology represents a unique pulley system which offers infinite variations for physical therapy, and makes the functional training of muscles, coordination, and body stabilization possible.

Our individually-tailored rehabilitation concepts include the most modern and gentle of training methods, one of which being specialized follow-up treatment after experiencing cartilage damage, cartilage surgery, and endoprosthetics operations. In addition, our service portfolio includes functional performance diagnostics as well as discipline-specific Re-Sport-Programs which allow our patients a rapid return to high-performance athletics as well as daily sporting activities.

Contact for questions concerning rehabilitation

Do you have any questions regarding rehabilitation, in particular after sporting injuries or surgical procedures? Our specialists will be happy to help you find the best physical therapists suited to your individual needs. Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry.