Patient testimonials

Best doctor in the world, unfortunately only for private patients

“I am one of Dr. Rembeck’s patients, after 2 botched knee operations he has given me a new life. I was hopeless and at my wits end. After our first appointment I received the diagnosis „Chip in knee joint„, then the surgery, and I have had no complaints for over 15 years, just as he had promised me before surgery.“

Extremely competent and friendly physician

“Phenomenal surgeon- was operated on by Dr. Rembeck on a cruciate ligament and several times for cartilage damage which is unfortunately reoccurring. Surgeries have always been without complication – stay at the ATOS- Clinic is comparable to a 4 star hotel! My physical therapists are always astounded at how flexible my knee is a few short days after surgery. No swelling – absolutely painless! Therefore Dr. Rembeck has my unconditional recommendation!!“

Top Orthopedist

“I have been in treatment with Dr. Rembeck for over 4 months and have already undergone 2 surgeries for a complex cruciate ligament rupture. I knew from the start that 2 surgeries would be required. I am very happy with the treatment as well as everything else involved. The other physicians are also very competent and up-to-date with my treatments as well as further procedures. I cannot follow the criticism that he is not always there. After an operation in particular, as in my case, I do not need to have him around at all times to constantly inquire about small aches and pains. He performs surgery, is there before and after the procedure, and informs the patients. If another physician is there in his stead to inquire about pain over the next 2 days, I am absolutely ok with that! I can wholeheartedly recommend him …“

Top, professionally and personally, an excellent physician

“Due to injuries suffered during military service more than 50 years ago, I have damage to both knee joints.  Over this extended period of time, I have constantly sought medical help nationally and internationally, but only found 2 physicians with the required qualifications who were also willing to assist me; one of these doctors is Prof. Gollwitzer.
Despite a cruciate ligament rupture, he fulfilled my wish for a partial joint replacement, although this was not absolutely necessary from a medical standpoint, and performed the procedure with cutting edge surgical techniques. I can walk normally again, and I am very grateful to Prof. Gollwitzer.“

Perfect care from physicians as well as from other medical personnel.

“Excellent and successful medical care during the conservative treatment of cartilage damage to my knee joint. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rembeck/Dr. Rauch!“

Highly recommendable

“Here, one simply feels completely well taken care of. Very nice team and top physicians! No matter what type of treatment you are seeking, you are in the right place here.“

Very competent physician

“Dear Dr. Gollwitzer,

At the beginning of the year I came to your practice for a consultation. You chose physical therapy over surgery. I am very grateful to you for this decision. My difficulties have lessened and are now almost completely gone.

The physical therapy and independent exercise have improved my dysplasia. I am nearly pain-free!“

Super nice team, professional care, very competent treatment from Dr. Rauch, best postoperative support

“Absolutely satisfactory results “

Absolutely competent orthopedist

I experienced a rupture to the interior meniscus during an automobile accident and my usual orthopedist recommended a colleague to perform an arthroscopy. To get a second opinion, I consulted Dr. Rembeck, who, after performing an MRT-CD, was strictly against performing any sort cartilage surgery due to a “tendency to Genu varum“ (bowed legs).

However, the IM rupture was not repaired, instead a radical cartilage smoothing was undertaken, and as a result I was only able to walk under extreme pain, with bone rubbing against bone: shortly afterwards, a partial prosthetic surgery was necessary.
Before the procedure, the surgeon had an x-ray done and (from a newly-discovered year-old report corresponding to this x-ray) which was of course available to the surgeon, it was clearly determined that: „The joint surface contours are still smooth and the cancellous bone in accordance with the patient’s age“ (72 years).
Assessment of the x-ray physician: beginning medial and discrete lateral knee joint arthrosis.

What remains for me is the realization that I could have spared myself the continual discomfort and annoyance if I had immediately put myself into the hands of a competent orthopedist such as Dr. Rembeck!“

Hip joint prosthetics

Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer was recommended to me, as I was experiencing severe trouble with my right hip.
In a comprehensive consultation, I was provided with complete and understandable information about the upcoming surgery.
At the Atos Clinic Munich, Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer then introduced a cement-free hip implant.
The same day as the surgery, I was given my first lymph drainage treatment.
On the following day, I was already able to stand and was allowed to take my first steps in the accompaniment of physical therapists.

The entire clinic team, the physical therapists as well as the service personnel were highly motivated and took time to see to patient’s needs.

I experienced the best of care and have no qualms about recommending this clinic to anyone.“

Dr. Rembeck once–Dr. Rembeck ALWAYS

5 years ago, I was barely able to go to work – swollen knee! After 3 different colleagues recommended Dr. Rembeck independent of one another (all had had surgery performed by him!) I wrote an e-mail at 8:30 – 2 hours later I had an appointment and had surgery performed 10 days later: „Meniscus repair “. Thereafter, I was able to take part in sports without any further problems.
A year ago, the other knee swelled – and how! Bankhart fracture 2×2,5 cm. – Root cause unknown! Micro-fracturing – everything went perfectly.“

Extremely friendly and competent physician

Dr. Rauch is a very friendly, very personable, above all competent and trustworthy physician who took time for me and executed the required surgery in a first-class manner.
Every patient wishes for this kind of physician!“

Word-class medical care

After receiving a diagnosis of coxarthrosis, I was on the lookout for optimal medical care and found it with Prof. Gollwitzer, who at that time was unknown to me. Prof. Gollwitzer displayed a combination of excellent specialist knowledge, diligence, and empathy and took time with the diagnosis, the treatment methods. In addition, he checked on patients on a daily basis at the Atos Clinic, which is highly recommendable. The hip replacement surgery took 1,5 hours and was without complications. The next day, I was already able to walk with crutches, the length of my walks increased daily, after 4 days I was able to walk without crutches, after 6 days I was released, instead of in-patient treatment I was able to choose out-patient treatment in my normal surrounding with a physical therapist and fitness studio! During this phase, the primary goal was to break bad posture habits and to learn how to walk with an upright posture. After 8 days, I was able to drive again without problems, work for several hours at a time, attended a concert, and after 15 days and the removal of clips fully mobile and was pain-free from the beginning. I can recommend Prof. Gollwitzer to any patient suffering from hip arthritis. It doesn’t get any better.“

Always convincing

During my last appointment, the decision was to be made for or against surgery – Dr. Rembeck gave me advice competently, discussed all possibilities and pros and cons without influencing my decision in any direction. This is the sort of consultation you wish for!“

Everything went perfectly, heartfelt thanks to Prof. Gollwitzer and the entire team.

I was in extreme circumstances, so 1 week after our first call and four days after my first appointment I received 2 new hip joints simultaneously. After 5 days I was able to walk without crutches, was released after a week and discontinued my subsequent physical therapy after one week due to lack of effectivity. Exactly 20 days after my surgery, I was able to return to my duties as a general practitioner. After a short period of time, I was completely free of pain and able to resume my normal duties- and that continues to this day. “

It doesn’t get any better!

I have been a patient of Dr. Rembeck’s for over 18 years and whenever a sports injury feels as if it would be something serious, nothing in the world would stop me from seeking his advice directly. For me, he is the epitome of medical competence, stands out with clear, precise diagnosis and friendly, open personality. It doesn’t get any better – I see myself as lucky to have his and trust him fully-100%.“

Fantastic, extraordinarily competent and personable TOP PHYSICIAN

On 3.2.2016, I received a specially-customized knee joint from Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer. Today, I am doing so well that I have almost forgotten the surgery, although it was not a simple procedure. This is due to the extraordinary ability and excellent surgical work done by this amazing physician.  Before and after surgery, he proved himself to be an infinitely competent, trustworthy, and empathetic doctor. I can only congratulate myself for having received consultation, treatment and surgery from him!“

Every patient wished for this sort of physician

Excellent, competent, detailed advice. A surgeon who in my case did not have it easy. I was suffering from osteoporosis, the bone was almost (in layman’s terms) “crumbling”.

All the more astonishing that I was fully fit again after a short time and was able to ski again two months later. I am a very wild skier (despite my 73 years) and was in no way restricted. After 3 years, I still feel splendid. I have no pain, or impairments. It should also be added that Professor Gollwitzer uses the AMIS method and that this method also contributes to the excellent results.”

Extraordinarily professional, competent and personable physician ******

Prof. Gollwitzer “accompanied me” very compassionately with advice and assistance over several years, until I had to make a decision in the middle of the year for a hip replacement surgery due to intense pain. This operation was carried out by Prof. Gollwitzer and his team at the Atos clinic using the minimally-invasive AMIS technique, to my complete satisfaction – A+ -. Everything went according to plan as promised and hoped for, no complications, after 7 days I went directly into the sensational post-operative treatment at the beautiful Thiersee in the new Armona Medical Alpine Resort for 3 weeks and – presto!  I was once again able to master my everyday life – without significant pain, and it gets better from day to day!!! THANK YOU!!!”

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