Hip Specialists: ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine

Pain of the hip and groin are among the most frequent complaints of athletes. Early targeted diagnostics and gentle therapy may prevent a chronic and permanent damage. In the case of illness of the hip joint, the minimal invasive hip surgery offers a wide variety of ways, by means of modern working methods, to prevent the wear of the joints and to treat pain gently. As a hip specialist, Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer offers the entire spectrum of the conservative as well as the joint preserving hip surgery, including the correction of complex malalignment, hip arthroscopy, and cartilage cell transplantation. Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer is thereby one of only few operating surgeons in Germany, who performs hip arthroscopy regularly.

Consultation and contact information for questions about hip disease

Do you have any questions regarding the treatment and therapy of diseases or disorders of the hip caused by physical exertion or degenerative processes? Our specialist, Prof. Dr. Hans Gollwitzer, will be happy to provide you with more information in an individual and personal appointment. Please make an appointment here. We are looking forward to seeing you.