President of the German Hip Society

President of the German Hip Society

Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer was elected President of the German Hip Society (DHG) for the year 2020/2021!

The aim of the DHG is to improve the quality of care for diseases and injuries of the hip joint and pelvis at all ages throughout Germany.

To this end, a platform for the exchange of information on research, development and training activities in this field is to be created. In addition, scientific, technological, biological and practical concerns in the field of hip and pelvic diseases are to be promoted.

Another focus is the scientific exchange of existing and planned research projects, the coordination of the future development of superordinate quality assurance measures as well as the utilization and evaluation of knowledge and experience of those working in this field.

Membership is by invitation only by the Presidium. The membership is open to proven experts and opinion leaders in the field of diagnostics, treatment and research of hip joint diseases and injuries.

Congratulations Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer!