Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer at the Learning Center

Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer at the Learning Center

11/12 January 2018 Tours, France: As an international reference physician, lecturer and tutor, Prof. Dr. Hans Gollwitzer taught international physicians in the application of AMIS technology for the use of hip prostheses.

Surgeons from all over the world come together in Learning Centers to learn the technique of anterior minimally invasive surgery (AMIS) for implantation of hip prostheses.They have the opportunity to operate on preparations with the help of internationally recognised teaching surgeons, such as the Munich hip specialist Prof. Gollwitzer, to experience the advantages of AMIS technology, to analyse difficult cases and to discuss indications and contraindications in detail.

AMIS technology, based on decades of clinical experience, is a very muscle-friendly surgical technique for the implantation of hip prostheses, which is associated with positive patient outcomes such as shorter hospital stays and rehabilitation times as well as a faster return to daily activities.

More information about the AMIS method can be found here.