Study: Partial knee joint prosthesis

Study: Partial knee joint prosthesis

A successful procedure for medial knee arthrosis is unicondylar knee endoprosthetics (partial endoprosthetics). Only a part of the knee joint is replaced, the rest of the joint remains intact.

However, national registers reported a higher revision rate of partial endoprostheses compared to total endoprostheses (complete joint replacement).

For this reason, further research was mandatory, especially on the optimal alignment of the unicondylar knee endoprosthesis.

The journal “Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy” published the scientific article

“Varus or valgus positioning of the tibial component of a unicompartimental fixed-bearing knee arthroplasty does not increase wear”,

in which PD Dr. Patrick Weber, our knee endoprosthesis expert, together with his co-authors, conducted the research at the LMU and elaborated on the results of the study.

In this context we would like to thank all participating authors and the LMU!