New approaches for hip surgery

New approaches for hip surgery

Symposium in Munich: Conference president Prof. Dr. Hans Gollwitzer presented new methods and approaches for joint-preserving hip surgery and hip endoprosthetics.

The Symposium “Complex Hip Surgery” took place again this year in Munich on the 12th and 13th of May 2017.  Our hip specialist Prof. Dr. Hans Gollwitzer was one of the conference presidents for this major educational event, and shared medical expertise for joint-preserving hip surgery and hip endoprosthetics with a large audience of medical professionals. More than 200 experts from across the country received information about new possibilities offered via modern methods of hip surgery and learned about where and how new standards are being set.

Hip operations are among the most common surgical procedures performed in Germany. The background cause: Today’s patients have a significantly higher life-expectancy than such patients just 30 years ago. A prolonged lifespan brings with it higher demands: Patients would prefer to remain active and physically fit for as long as possible, and pursue daily routines without restrictions.


New approaches for hip surgery

The hip is one of the joints which are exposed to the highest burden. If it no longer functions properly due to overburdening, dysponesis, previous conditions/trauma or degenerative disease, expert advice is vital. New possibilities opened up through modern methods of arthroscopy and joint-preserving hip surgery help to delay the necessity for a hip replacement for as long as possible.

If conservative, joint-preserving methods prove unsuccessful, a hip replacement prosthetic is seen as the appropriate method, allowing patients to return to their accustomed lifestyle and daily doing with new life-quality.

The experience of the attending physician, technical options and comprehensive pre- and post-operative care are vital for the right combination of therapy and treatment.


Hip specialists for joint-preserving hip surgery and hip endoprosthetics

After performing several thousand hip operations, Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer is one of the few hip specialists with extensive experience in joint-preserving surgical methods as well in the fields of hip joint replacement and endoprosthetic replacement at his disposal. Surgery on the hip joint is performed by Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer with a maximum of precision, using the most modern methods. Patients benefit from medical care delivered at the highest level of modern medical standards.


Further information and contact data

Prof. Dr. Hans Gollwitzer would be happy to answer your questions about the possibilities and limitations offered by joint-preserving hip surgery and hip joint replacement procedures personally. Please make an appointment here.  Prof. Dr. Hans Gollwitzer is looking forward to meeting you!


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