Why choose ECOM? The advantages speak for themselves


ECOM specialists are renowned around the world for special orthopedics and sports medicine. Together with their colleagues, they cover the complete range of surgical joint orthopedics.
• Conservative and rehabilitative therapy take center stage and are used as both a preventative and supportive measure to accompany surgical procedures.
• Precise diagnosis forms the basis for successful treatment. The specialists at ECOM take the necessary time and work with the latest diagnostic equipment and techniques through certified associates.
• Dr. Erich Rembeck and his team have extensive experience treating professional athletes in a wide variety of disciplines. Training and health demands are particularly important in this field and our accumulated medical expertise goes back into our everyday practice to ensure our patients receive the best care.
• Calling in interpreters specialized in medicine allows us to treat international patients free of any language barriers.
• Our expertise lets you get a sound, professional second opinion for your initial assessment in terms of diagnosis and possible treatments, which may even make it possible to avoid surgery entirely.
• Surgery is performed using the latest operating techniques and instruments. Our special focus here lies in minimally invasive procedures.
• If your treatment requires inpatient care, our cooperating hospitals, the Chirurgische Klinikum München Bogenhausen and the ATOS Klinik, provide a pleasant atmosphere similar to a hotel, with an extensive range of rooms and additional services to choose from.