Our philosophy: Fast track recovery

Fast Track Recovery

You are probably familiar with the term “just-in-time,” which is an industrial optimization process from Japan that has made inroads in all major German production, supply and manufacturing processes at global industrial enterprises.

This manufacturing method illustrates our philosophy of medical treatment which we call “fast track recovery.” During treatment we focus on the fastest and best possible method of recovery for the patient. We achieve this through continuous and optimized coordination and networking of each treatment stage with those involved so that you are always on the fast track to recovery.

We schedule diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation as one seamless course of treatment so as to avoid long waiting times. Our specialists only perform surgery when it is unavoidable. If surgery is necessary, we use the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques to help avoid unnecessary damage to body tissue and structures. This means rehabilitation can start quickly after surgery.

Short, direct communication paths help us reach a consensus between patient, doctors, and therapists. Quick responses to enquiries for therapy and check-up dates play a vital role, just as it does in professional sports. Thanks to decades of experience, we have perfected our treatment concept and all of our patients see the benefits.

This means our patients have the best conditions for a quick recovery. Truly on the fast track. And just in time so that you can get back to the slopes or playing field in virtually no time.