Your back hurts? Then go for skiing!

Skifahren gegen Rückenschmerzen

Lumbago, slipped disc, sciatica, or just simply a stiff neck. The region between the neck and the coccyx is one of the major weak points in the human body, especially between the ages of 35 and 55.
And what should you do with weak points? Exactly, train! If you are now thinking about back training and start to yawn, relax. Our expert Dr. Erich Rembeck has this advice: “Find a sport which you have fun doing and train hard. Even skiing can be good for your back.”
The benefits: A person stays interested longer with a sport that is fun to do. Back problems also often have a mental factor. Having fun with a sport often heals the mind at the same time.
So is it off to the slopes now? Right. If you suffer from back problems, you can still safely plan your next skiing vacation. But there are still a few constraints:
• Normally, this goes without saying, but: You should not go skiing if you have an acute slipped disc.
• Have yourself and your fitness thoroughly checked before you go.
• Attend ski gymnastics courses as preparation for your vacation. Or train using “Fit for Ski” in the comfort of your own home and you’ll be fit for the skiing season with only 20 minute workouts a day.
• Pay attention to the right technique. Wrong skiing strains your back.
• Avoid moguls and iced pistes completely.
Despite all precautions, you can never fully protect yourself from accidents on the slopes, of course. We therefore advise you to save the emergency number of the Christa Kinshofer Ski Clinic in your cell phone just in case. Over the hotline +49 176 2000 2000, you can obtain an initial and individual assessment of your injury and the best possible treatment to follow afterwards. The team of experts can define the necessary diagnostic dates directly and will provide you with the contact details of special ambulance firms to transport you home, if necessary. Find out more on the website of the Skiklinik.