Mountaineering with a knee prosthesis

Mountaineering with a knee prosthesis

Climb Mount Elbrus, 5642 m high, with an artificial knee joint?

At the age of 74 and only one year after a complex knee operation, our patient Mr. K. succeeded in what was initially unthinkable – reaching the Elbrus summit!

Before the operation, Mr. K. had a deformed leg after multiple fractures with severe deforming arthrosis. One year later, he was able to climb the highest mountain in the Caucasus. A wonderful example, since an artificial knee joint is not a limitation for such a big challenge!

We are very happy about the received thanks from Mr. K. to Prof. Dr. Gollwitzer!

Here is a small excerpt:

“I am sincerely grateful to you for such a successful operation to replace my knee joint. I understand that this was a difficult task because many years ago I had fractures of both tibias and the hip. I was told in several clinics that the operation was too complicated, but you did it excellently! I will always remember you and your clinic with warmth and recommend to all acquaintances to get in touch with you in difficult cases”.

We would like to thank our patient for his kind words and wish him all the best!