Our Treatments: ECOM® Excellent Center of Medicine

We take a holistic approach to our treatments. Our aim is to utilize conservative, operative, and rehabilitative treatments on an equal footing while maintaining a close network. We are characterized by fast and comprehensive diagnostics due to our experience of many years in the sport medicine and in the high-performance sport – which makes our modern devices and good colleague network possible.

The combination of diagnostics, conservative and careful operational therapy, rehabilitation, and training supplies our patients effectively and comprehensively to help them achieve a fast recovery. All facilities take place under one roof, ensuring short waiting periods in the discrete athmosphere of a stylish private clinic. The the patient-fair, careful forms of therapy and the proven, yet innovative operational methods are guaranteed by our specialists. Our motto is: as little as possible, as much as necessary, as quickly as possible.

Consultation and Contact

Do you have any questions regarding forms of treatment and therapy? Our specialist would be happy to give you more information and a comprehensive consultation during a personal appointment. Please make an appointment here. We are looking forward to seeing you.